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About the project

Long life to micromobility!

LIFE2M aims to establish micromobility as the leading sustainable mobility solution for urban and peri-urban areas.

The goal is to overcome current barriers to adoption, making it economically viable for both private users and sharing services operators.

The focus of the project is on two wheelers zero emission vehicles. 

The logic of the project is to achieve the double objective of making micromobility more sustainable, eliminating the need to recycle lithium batteries and extend the life of microvehicles, and incentivising micromobility, making it more economically advantageous,
both for private individuals and for operators of sharing services.


Committed to the environment

Recyclable materials

Design new scooters and other electric micro-vehicles made entirely of recyclable materials;

Eco-friendly technologies

To develop new eco-friendly technologies to be replaced in scooters and micro-sharing vehicles already in use in smart cities, and to introduce them in new ones

Sustainable micro-vehicles

Gradually encourage a complete shift from the use of conventional vehicles to the use of scooters and other sustainable micro-vehicles.

The consortium